Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The honeymoon...part III

Ya, that's right. I am going to actually continue on with our honeymoon adventure. By the time I am done school this year, I promise to be caught up in all the good things that I did in the last year.

On day three, Jeff and I went to PEI. Good times in PEI. The only things I knew about it prior to going were potatoes and Anne of Green Gables. When I left, the only thing I knew about PEI were potatoes and Anne of Green Gables.

This is Jeff and I and the confederation bridge. That wind was crazy and we had to drive 13 km in it across a body of water. I hate bridges.
We went to Prince Edward Island National Park. Yay for working for Parks and getting free access to all things National Park -y. The red rocks were very nice. It is a really pretty park and I would have liked to have had more time to do more hiking and stuff.

We spent a good amount of time at Anne of Green Gables place. The Japanese love the place. It was all right, and I am glad that we got in free otherwise I don't think it would have been worth it.
Afterwards, we went to Charlottetown, the home of the Confederation. This is their claim to fame; where the idea of Canada was first discussed amongst the leaders of the time. They love confederation in Charlottetown.
We went to Fort Amherst, which really wasn't a fort, but just a field where a fort once stood. Jeff hated it. I thought it was awesome because he hated it so much.

Afterwards we went for supper in a small town and I had the best fries ever. Overall, PEI is pretty nice. Living there would suck though, it costs a 40$ toll to go back across to the mainland. Good times.

Here is what the bridge looked like on our way back. I hate bridges.

Yay for PEI! Maybe you will get to hear about day four sometime before Christmas.

Could I have been...A parking lot attendant? Could I have been...A millionaire in Bel Air? Could I have been...Lost somewhere at Red Rocks? - DMB

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Friday, December 01, 2006

T'is the season...

So yesterday, November 30th, was +17 degrees here in Montreal. Today, December 1st, it is -1 and freezing rain. Welcome December...

I love Christmas. It is the happiest time of year. I love the commercials that start on Halloween. I love the decorations in the streets. I love the lights. Hell, I don't even mind the commercialism because I like buying presents for people. When I was younger, I would bring out the Christmas albums in September. I love Christmas music.

So, when the chance came to go to the Santa Claus parade, I was all over it. What a perfect way to start the holiday season.

Believe it or not, us going to the parade was uneventful. No getting hit by cars, no getting punched in the stomach by a drunk girl; just a nice morning with friends.

We found an excellent place to stand, right in front of the Super Sex strip club.

The parade itself was all right. I was expecting more awesome floats, but there weren't that many. Here are some of the highlights:

These were "plushies who rap", they vamped up some excellent Christmas carols.

The Eatons float had it's own personal body guard.

This may have been the highlight of the parade for me. "My name is Astar. I can put my arm back on, but you can't. So, play safe".

The prize for the best display goes to Gold van. I like to think that she is a soccer mom who accidentally pulled into the parade and now just has to go with it for the next two hours. Seriously, there isn't a logo or a decoration on it at all. Gold.

And last, but not least. The big guy himself.

It was a cute way to start the season. Afterwards, we went to China Town and enjoyed Dim Sum. I have only had it one time before, and funny enough, it was in this very restaurant when I was 15 years old during my exchange to Quebec. The family brought me to Montreal and we ate at that very restaurant.

Hope you all enjoy the season as much as I do!

The wise men came, three made their way to shower him with love while he lay in the hay - DMB

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