Thursday, November 23, 2006

Just in case you weren't 100% sure...

I am a woman. Ya, that is right. And I have proof!

In my program, we had to do a three week rotation in the cytogenetics lab at the Montreal Children's Hosptial. Cytogenetics describes the field that analyzes chromosomes and looks to see if people have normal "karyotypes" or 46 normal chromosomes. As part of our rotation, they took are blood and offered to analyze our chromosomes.

A free chromosome analysis to prove that I am normal?!!! How could I pass up a chance like this. And, as many of you know me, I constantly worry about things beyond my control and I have started to become concerned with the fact that, maybe when I want to have kids, I will have a chromosomal abnormality that will make this more difficult. Yes, this is actually something that consummed my thoughts from time to time.

So, I was karyotyped and everything (for the most part) was fine. I do say for the most part because there was one cell that we analyzed that appeared to be missing a chromosome, but this is not really possible, considering I am alive (it was more of a computer glitch than a real missing chromosome).

Here are my chromosomes.

Aren't they cute? That is me on that paper. That is half of my father and half of my mother on there. CRAZY!

So, if you can't tell from this post, I really like my program. It is totally up my ally. I am really liking all the classes that I am taking and I next week I actually get to start sitting in on sessions with patients. I am excited, and nervous, but I am sure that it will be fine.

Mother, father please explain to me,how this rare world has come to be - DMB

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just a quick update...

Thanks to all my friends who have shown concern for me since last weekend's incident. I just wanted to let you all know that I am doing fine. I barely showed a bruise afterwards. This pisses me off. I bruise rather easily; I can bruise if I bump a table with my leg. But when I get bumped by a car, I barely have anything to show for it. How is that fair?

I am not really complaining...better that I am in one piece than not so much. But still...

"You come crash into me"- DMB

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fun with married friends...

I am not so great at this blogging thing. I have a list of things I want to blog about but haven't gotten around to. This will be one such example.

Thanksgiving greeted Jeff and I with a visit from Chris and Kaeleigh. They live in Toronto and have been there for two years. When we were both in Saskatoon, I got to see Chris fairly regularly. With him being in Toronto, twice a year is about all I get.

Having friends visit is a great excuse to get out of the house ( you all know how much Jeff loves that). We walked along the length of St Catherines Street, one of the shopping streets of Montreal. We really didn't do any shopping because the boys were antsy. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant on St Denis, which wasn't too bad. We then walked back to St Catherines and went to this huge pub in the Queer village for a few drinks. Being old and married, we didn't stay out very late and we went home.

The next day we got up and made a real breakfast. Jeff and I have been spoiled in the past by friends who are way more domestic than us so we think that we must compete. After breakfast, we head to St Joseph's Oratoire. It is this giant church three minutes up the road from our apartement.

After we spent some time here, we went to the Veiux Port, aka Old Montreal. We walked through some of the streets and along the water.

Later we tried one of my favourite things about Montreal. We went to a BYOW (bring your own wine) restaurant in Petite Italie. What a great concept. Yay for being able to buy a bottle of wine for half the price that you would have to pay in a restaurant. They don't even charge your corkage. We went to La Fornarina and despite the fact that I made reservations, we had to wait a half an hour. This was the only bad part of the place so I would go again.

Sunday we decided to have an even lazier day. I wanted to try out the new crockpot that we got as a wedding present, so I thought that there would be no better way to do that than making a chicken for thanksgiving. What a fabulous invention. I throw the chicken in the machine and we went on to visit Mont Royal.

We went home and continued on the adventure of making dinner. For those of you who know me, you know that I am not a domestic queen. Stupid chores and cooking. Here is what Rachel cooking looks like.

And the final product...

Overall, I had a great weekend. It was fun to spend time with another newly wed couple and great to see Chris and Kae. They are a good kind of people.

So why would you care to get out of this place? You and me and all our friends, such a happy human race. Eat, drink and be merry cause tomorrow we die. - DMB

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

I hate Corollas...

I started this blog to tell my friends about all the crazy good times that I was going to have in Montreal. It appears, though, that I often have just crazy times.

Today I was hit by a car.

Before you worry, I am okay. I am going to be sporting a wicked bruise on my hip in the next couple of days. I was crossing a street, on a green light (although the walking dude was not currently lit), when all of a sudden I hear slamming on the breaks and pain. I am shocked. A car has hit me. I am pretty lucky since only the mirror clipped me and I think the tire crazed my leg. 1 second later, both Jeff and I would have been full out hit. Awesome.

When I have adrenaline in my system, I am not logical. I think worse case scenario right away. I thought my spine was going to be hurt. All rationality disappears with that hormone going through my veins. I am going to give it tonight and if I am hurting more tomorrow, I will go to a clinic, but I think I am going to be fine. Yay for large birthing hips that can take a hit for me so I can keep on going.

The man felt really bad. We took his name and number in case we needed it and he wants me to call him back when I know that for sure I am ok. It was an accident and I have a feeling he will pay a lot more attention in the future.

My hip hurts. When the bruises come out, if they look cool, I will post them for you.

Oh my God, wait and see, what will soon become of me? Frozen heart, screaming wheels. Does that screaming come from me? - DMB

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