Saturday, May 26, 2007

Honeymoon - Day V, VI and VII...

I can hear the four of you who regularly read my blog say "Seriously? Seriously? Are you actually going to continue talking about your honeymoon? Its been over nine months since you went and if you haven't gotten through it now, give up". I reply to you "NO!" It may take me a year, but I will finish writing about the honeymoon. It has been long enough since you may have read Jeff's condensed version of the trip, so I feel that it may feel new to you.

So, day five, six and seven were spent in Halifax. We drove from Cape Breton National Park, through the city of Sydney and help move Sean to Halifax where he got a new job. We went to the Keg that night. I don't remember much except for that they didn't have Keg sauce. What?! Grocery stores carry Keg sauce and yet, the Keg doesn't have Keg sauce. Broken.

On day 6, we played tourist. We went to the Halifax Citadel. Blah blah blah, history, blah blah blah, war, blah blah blah. The citadel did stuff and now it is a Canadian National Historic Site.


You may want to mock these guys for having to wear these outfits, but I am guessing they are getting paid quite a bit of money to look the way they do. Yay government jobs!

After the Citadel, we walked around and did more tourist stuff. We went and looked at some of the graves of the Titanic victims - morbid, I know. However, at the graveyard, they used the grave stones and made a pattern of the Titanic's hull.


I think that this child is no longer unknown - thanks to the power of DNA testing.
Afterwards we went to the Halifax Public Gardens. If I remember correctly, it is the oldest public gardens in Canada. I could be wrong

This night, as well as the following night, we stayed at the Prince George Hotel. I wanted at least part of our honeymoon to be romantic so this was the romantic thing that we did. We had the "Romance Package" and it was pretty awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed our stay there and wish that we could afford to stay in nice places all the time.

On day 7, we went to Peggy's Cove. It is outside of Halifax and is a cute place to visit. It is one of the most photographed places in Canada (or when you see pictures of Canada, this is often among them). Here are some of the photos that we took. Good times.


Crushing the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, NS



Can you believe it! Three more days of the honeymoon finished. I may be through it all before August.
"Oh, Great Light of Love" - DMB

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Boston and Michelle...

If you read both mine and Jeff's blog, this may be a re-hash of his entry. I put more pictures so you can at least have pretty things to look at if you have already read the story.

Back when I was in Montreal, Michelle came out and visited us for a week. She was going to be there for nine days. I figured that Montreal is great and all, but that is a lot of time in one place. I told her to bring her passport and I would see what I could organize. She arrived late Thursday night and by 7:05 Saturday morning, we were on our way to Boston. As most of you are aware, I am a hard-core planner. When I traveled to Australia, I tried to be spontaneous. After three weeks I think I had an anxiety attack, went into a travel agency and planned the next three months of my trip. After that, I could relax. So I didn't have a lot of time to plan this Boston trip and I was OK with that. The only thing we really had planned in advance was the Blue Man Group, which we bought tickets for before we left.

So Saturday morning, we leave and we drive for six hours. The day before, Jeff wanted to buy a GPS so that we could find our way around Boston as well as find our way home from Montreal to Saskatoon. I am thankful that we had it because the freeways in Boston are kinda crazy, especially when I was trained on Circle Drive. After finding our hotel we took the metro to the Science Center.

On the Boston metro

The Science Center was alright. We had an hour and a half to cruise around so we didn't spend much time absorbing anything. Here is us learning:

Work damn you!

Ohh look at the escalator

I am a moose!

I'm a moose
Jeff really wanted to see a Star Wars Planetarium show. It sucked. That is all that really needs to be said.

After the Science Center, we decided to go on a DUCK tour, which is a land/water tour of the city. I am glad that we did that because I wouldn't have learned that much about the city otherwise. Besides, the tour guide was cute.

One of the duck tour vehicles

Some old church

View from the water
We than went for supper at the Rock Bottom Grill. This was followed by the Blue Man Group. Their show was great. I thouroughly enjoyed it and was laughing for much of it. I was scared that Jeff wasn't liking it but it turned out that he loved it. You know how hard he is to please...therefore Blue Man Group is awesome! If you are in a city where they have a permanent show, I would go to it.

The next day, we decided to do the Freedom Trail around Boston. It's a 4 km walk through downtown Boston, takes you to most of the major sites of Boston and ends at Bunker Hill Monument. Here are some of the highlights.

The freedom trail that we walked
Michelle is my stead (and I would be Paul Revere):

Riding a horse statue

The Webster statue

Where the hell are we?
At the top of the Bunker hill Monument
At the top of the Bunker hill Monument
No Standing!
We then went to Harvard. We got lost. We didn't really belong at Harvard. Here we are pretending we know where we are going.

Trying to be students

Rachel in Harvard
Rachel in Harvard

We needed to waste some time in the evening because we were picking Michelle's friend at the airport at midnight. So we went to another show called Shear Madness. It was a show where the ending is always different as is the longest running non-musical show in the world. It made me laugh a bunch and it was a good filler of time. We then went to Cheers to eat supper. It's gross that while in the States, you have to tell them to cook your burgers well-done. It should just be automatic.
Walking to Cheers
They didn't know our names
We then went to pick up Chelle's friend Erica from the airport and we stayed at her house. The next day we met Erica for lunch and went home.

Overall, it was a fun trip. We had a good time and saw a nice city. For the rest of the time that Michelle was there, we didn't do anything too exciting. We shopped, visited, toured, ate, had good times. Yay for Michelle's visit.

"Tables turned again and you my friend, you and I face each other all time and time again. I know it's sometimes hard, but knowing just that we will get along until we're old and gray and huddled up and doubled up we'll sit and laugh of times were hard"-DMB

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