Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ahh, to be rich...

I will probably post more later in regards to all the (clean) fun that we had on our honeymoon. I am here to tell you all about what it is like to pretend that you have money.

We are staying at the Prince George Halifax Hotel. We are living large with the "Romance Package". We have a fairly normal sized room with a king sized bed, but it is all the extras that I am loving.

We get our continental breakfast served to our room. You get to tell them when you want it and up it comes. I love it and it's not even a shitty continental breakfast, it is full of tasty pastries.

We got a free bottle of wine. Good times. We also received a 25.00$ voucher for one of their restaurants. We were going to use it tonight (Sunday) but all the nice restaurants in Halifax are closed on Sunday's. In fact, most shops and stores are also closed on Sunday's. It is really, really annoying.

We get Aveda products in the bathroom. Needless to say, I hid the products from the first day so that we could get new ones on the second day. Yay free stuff.

We get Valet parking. This is gold. I call down to the front concierge when I want to have my car brought around. This has a downfall though; we must tip every time. But it is valet!

I have very few complaints about the hotel. I am not impressed that we had to pay 10.00$ for 24 hours worth of internet when the lesser business-class rooms get it for free. Makes me a bit grumpy...but free Valet!

I will be back to tell you more of our fabulous honeymoon, and I will include (clean) pictures.


"Oh look at me in my fancy car and my bank account Oh, how I wish I could take it all down into my grave, God knows I'd save and save." - DMB

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Oh Ontario...

Have you missed me yet? We are on day three of four of travelling across four provinces and we have experienced so much so far.
What can I tell you that you can't all ready find out from Jeff's blog? I will do my best to entertain.

- Manitoba is kind of boring
- Ontario is so much prettier than I ever expected. Take a look at Lake Superior:

- Ontario is also very big. Who knew?

This sounds really ignorant...but I wasn't expecting so much forest and so many lakes. I know, this sounds like something someone would say in regards to Saskatchewan. There are so many lakes that it seems that they ran out of good names and just started to randomly assigning words for the bodies of water. Some of my favourites are Baby Lake, Mom Lake and Dog Tooth Lake. The body of water depicted here is Batchawana Bay.

But so far, the best thing I have seen so far lasted only two seconds but is burned in my memory forever. A 45 year old female Harley rider, bikini top on, an unbuttoned men's white dress shirt flapping in the wind behind her and short, short cut-offs. But the best thing about her was mom belly flapping in the wind as well. I am not joking. She thought she was hot, and she may have been attractive had her stomach not been flapping in the winds generated by her going 100 km/hr down the Trans Canada Highway. Ride on mom, ride on.

"I shall miss this thing when it all rolls by" – DMB

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Change is inevitable...

Well, it didn't take long for me to become unsatisfied (and by me, I mean my husband). We are moving my blog! (I know that this is a pain in the ass, but apparently it needs to be done).

If you want to read more of our crazy antics, you can find me now at:

Ya, that's right. It is my name and only my name, none of this blogspot stuff.

Please, keep reading my rants... don't let my change of address scare you away. I am just getting to the good stuff. Montreal is but a week and a half away!

"Making plans to change the world, while the world is changing us" - DMB


Friday, August 04, 2006

A year of new experiences…

So a lot of new things have happened to me this year. I have gotten married for the first time, I have graduated university for the first time and as mentioned previously, I have been on a farm for the first time. What else, you ask, have I done for the first time this year? I have tried two new sports this year: Curling and Belgian Bowling. Now I am sure that most of you have heard, if not played, curling…but Belgian Bowling? It is a sport that is commonly played in the town of Langenburg and the surrounding area. It is much like lawn bowling and curling in that you are throwing a heavy object across the playing area in order to have it land as close as possible to a pin. You knock the other team out of the way and you try to score more points than them. The throwing rock for Belgian Bowling is not flat but rather has a slant so that it goes around the pin and back towards it. Here are some examples of my excellent form in both sports. Note how my skills are much the same in both.

Picture 147


What you don’t see in these pictures is me falling…I did that quite often (more so in curling though). I had fun doing both, but they are both more difficult than they look. Good times.

"If you hold on to what you think is your thing, you may find your missing all the rest" - DMB

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