Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 in review...

I think I just blew your minds.

That's right. It's Rachel. Nearly a full year since my last update. I am sure many of you thought you would never hear from this blog again. But I am back with a vengeance.

So, given that it has been 348 days since I last blogged, I figure the best thing to do is to look at my new years resolutions list from last January and see what I have accomplished.

1. Passing my genetic counselling board exams - both the Canadian and the American exams and actually sticking to my study schedule for the above mentioned board exams

Mission accomplished! I started studying for these exams in January 2009 and wrote the American exam in September and the Canadian in November. Some of you may be shaking your heads as to why a person needs to study for 8 months for an exam. Unfortunately, when I was in university, I found that the only study-method that truly worked for me was a super time intensive method of making cue card quizzes. At the end of it all, I had 427 5x7 full of genetic concepts and 200 cue cards, each representing a different genetic disease that I went through many, many times. Excessive? Probably. But I passed, so I am happy with the way I studied. I should never have to write another exam again!

2. Run a 10 km.

HAHAHAHAHA. Fail. Seriously. Studying took up so much time in 2009 that I stopped going to the gym in April and haven't been back.

3. Become more aware of "world issues" - lofty goal: yes. But I would like to be at least somewhat informed regarding some of the major international strife.

Again. Failure. I think the problem with this is that I don't even know where to go to get good information. I don't know what to believe, so I don't try. Maybe I still need to work on this.

4. Have an article that I have written approved for publication.

Well...almost. I am just waiting on my co-author to write a paragraph and then we are sending it off to the a journal. I am hoping that it will be sent in the first week of January, so I almost made this goal. I did, however, present another poster, so that is one more thing for the old CV.

5. Become competent at keeping in touch with friends who aren't in Montreal (so...the majority of my friends :P).

Hmmm...yes and no. I am making an effort to randomly cold call some friends, but this is a hard thing to find the time for. When I do have a free hour and decide to sit down and call someone, there is no guarantee that they are home and/or available to talk. I am going to keep trying with this.

So, really. The only thing off my list I truly accomplished in 2009 was passing my exams. But that was really the final chapter in my education as a genetic counsellor. I am a CGC (certified genetic counsellor) and a CCGC (Canadian certified genetic counsellor) and that was what my 2009 was all about.

But 2009 didn't only involve studying. We went a lot of places and had a lot of great visitors. Stay tuned...a second blog post may actually be out before the end of 2009!

"Its why I am - unlikely to agree. Why I am - climbin out of my money tree. Why I am - still here dancin with the GrooGrux King" - DMB

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