Thursday, March 08, 2007


I am really not the type to love winter sports: skiing, skating, snowshoeing, etc. Not being very good at them probably has a lot to do with it, but the whole "being cold" thing - my body doesn't love that. There is one winter "sport" that is a good fit for me...winter tubing! You mean, all I have to do is sit in this tube and scream? That's it? Sounds pretty awesome to me. Now someone like Jeff will tell you that tubing is not a real sport, but I will disagree. They way that my abs and legs hurt the next day, I had to be doing something athletic.

We went to Glissades des Pays d’en Haut, which is located about 30 minutes outside of Montreal. We went with Steph and Danna and their boyfriends, Chris and Mike. There were 38 runs, 8 of which were for rafting/tornadoes but of those 38, I was unable to locate 6 of them. There was one chair lift, a conveyor belt and ~70 stairs that had to be climbed. There were bunny hills, intermediate hills and expert hills. We spent most of our time on the expert runs. Here are a few pics of the good times.

Some of the bunny runs

Look how happy I am :)

This is us preparing to raft down the hill at high speeds. We got yelled at and just had to sit in it and be good. That ride sucked.
This is Steph going down the hill. She also looks pretty happy :)
Jeff was bored (for most of the day) so he started covering me in tubes.
This is what is known as the clump. It was the most fun way to go down the hill.

By this time, I am wet and cold.
We left after 6 hours of tubing and good times. The only bad part of the day is that we didn't bring our own food and the food there was expensive and maybe some of the grossest stuff ever made. It was not good at all.

Overall, we had a good time (well, we as in not Jeff). Next year, maybe I will try a real winter sport...I know, I am CRAZY!

I hear scream and shout out loud of innocence, and days when all we did would never end. Bring that beat back to me again (come on take me back, can't catch me can't catch me) - DMB

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

No really, I am a Master's student....

Normally, I am a clever girl. But sometimes I do something so dumb that I wonder how I make it through each day without being seriously maimed. It's not that I am doing something stupid, I am just not thinking before doing some stuff.

This morning I was going to make myself some coffee. This is a simple three step procedure. Water, Coffee, Power. Easy. I pour the water into the water slot - step on complete. Pour coffee grinds into the water slot...wait...failure. I screwed up step two. Damn, coffee goes in the filter. Great. I don't really think it is good for the coffee maker for coffee to be made in the boiling water spot. so I take the coffee make apart and try to clean all the coffee grinds from the water slot. I rinse it out with 12 cups of water ~4 times before I am satisfied that it is clean. In the process of doing that, I spill water all over the kitchen counter and floor.

I just wanted coffee. I should have walked to Tim's. What should have been an easy thing turned into a huge affair which caused me to get water all over the kitchen.

This occurred before noon. God knows what else I will manage to do before bed tonight.

I did, in the end, manage to make coffee. Go me.

Spoon in spoon, stirring my coffee, I thought of you and turned to the gate. On my way came up with the answers, I scratched my head
and the answers were gone

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