Friday, August 17, 2007


It's been a year in the making but I am finally finishing up my honeymoon post! To all you nay-sayers who indicated that I wouldn't be finished before the one year anniversary of our trip, moo hahaha!

So where did I leave off? We said goodbye to Sean and left Halifax. Again, thanks to Parks Canada, we had free entry into Kejimkujik National Park. It took me forever to learn how to say that properly. Any ways, we went on a nice six kilometer hike through the Hemlocks and Hardwoods. This trail had 300 year old trees, which were quite big (well, at least when compared to Saskatchewan trees). Here is a few glorious tree pictures.

Jeff is a tree hugger.

Guess why Jeff liked the following picture. Could it be the boob shaped knot near the top? No, he is much too mature for that.

I took this picture because Jeff can't tell that it is more than one colour. Haha, I mock his disability :P

And as a recurring theme of our honeymoon, here is another waterfall! You'd think that because we like them so much, we would have gone to Niagra Falls, the honeymoon capital of the world, but no.

We camped over night in the park. And by camp, I mean we slept in the back of the RAV4 and watched TV shows on the laptop. If only all camping were like that. Screw setting up a tent!

The following day we left the park and went to the Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct. It is a couple hours drive from the actual park and protects part of Nova Scotia's cost. There is not much to do here except one hike. It was a good hike and I enjoyed the adjunct.
Jeff's obsession with taking pictures of birds. You know he is going to turn into an old man who spends his time bird-watching.
Yay Sea lions!
Yay love!
He is a climbing machine. I think he almost hurt himself...true story.
It's been so long that I don't even recall where we slept that night. The following day we took the ferry from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia across to Maine and drove back to Montreal through the States. We didn't take any pictures. We had driven over 4000 km in the last three weeks. We were tired. Thank God I am done the honeymoon. Now I can blog about more recent events, such as the past summer!

"What do you remember, before the sea was rough and the sky was grey. Oh but not today, not today, cuz it's a good good time tonight" - DMB

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