Saturday, February 24, 2007

Honeymoon, part 4...

It has been six months since we went on our honeymoon and I am only on day four. Great. It is almost getting to the point where I don't recall exactly what we did. But, since I started this, I am bound and determined to finish it.

On day four, we left my Aunt Shelley's cabin and continued our tour of Nova Scotia. In the last few years I have become more and more interested in my Scottish heritage and am really looking forward to visiting Scotland in a few years. We stopped in a small town called Pictou. This is where the first Scottish settlers landed in "New Scotland" and this is a replica of the boat they came on.

We kept driving along the coast of Nova Scotia. We saw a sign for waterfalls and since Jeff and I do love a good waterfall, we followed it. Worse lie ever. There were no was just the name of the road; a road with no waterfalls. And because we are stubborn, we drove longer and further than any reasonable person would because we were determined to not let the road beat us. Twenty minutes into the drive, this is what stopped us:

It was really deep. Stupid road to nowhere. At least we weren't the only tourists to make this mistake. It was gold when we saw a giant RV going down this road as well. I have no idea where they were going to find a place to turn around.

Finally, we got to the good stuff. We arrived at the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. This is a beautiful park. The Cabot trail is a gorgeous drive. Here are some highlights of that drive.

As stated before, Jeff and I love waterfalls. Along the drive in this National Park, there were quite a few to see. They were usually around 2 km hikes return to see them. We had a lot to see before it got dark, so Jeff and I would power walk these trails to get there, see the falls, and get back to the RAV so that we could make it to our campsite before dark.

Damn, we're cute. Besides waterfalls, we also love Lord of the Rings. Do you remember that scene where Gollum is playing in the creek, trying to catch a fish and he is singing? This is my imitation of Gollum:

Along the drive, we hit a second waterfall :Beulach Ban Falls.

We also stopped at this rock point with a nice view of the ocean.

I made Jeff climb down and go to that rock out there.

This might be on of my fave pics from the honeymoon. Yay for Jeff ,Yay for the Ocean and Yay for our camera's zoom power!!!

We finally arrived at our campsite. We still had some daylight hours left, so we went to one last waterfall: Mary Anne's falls.

Day four had a lot of things going on. Sorry the post is so long. This was one of our busiest days on the trip. One of these days I will get to day 5...

When I'm walking by the water, splish splash me and you takin' a bath. When I'm walking by the water, come up through my toes, to my ankles, to my head, to my soul, and I'm blown away... -DMB

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Carnaval, Carnaval....

Ya, Ya, I know. Haven't updated in awhile.

As I am sure some of you have read on Jeff's blog, we went to the winter carnival in Quebec City a few weeks ago. It was a great time; I love the Carnaval! It was not my first time there but it was Jeff's (and he didn't completely hate it). We went with the other three girls in my program; Steph from Calgary, Danna from Kingston/Belleville and Karine from Quebec City. We stayed at Karine's parent's house - Yay for free!

Here are the four of us: Karine, Steph, Danna and myself.

It has been seven years since I went to Carnaval. Cole, Chelle and I went on our way to Europe. Good times. I thought of the two of you as I was eating my sausage rolled in a pancake. Jeff calls them "morning hot dogs"

We walked around Vieux Qu├ębec a bit and watched some soap-box races. We saw Chateau Frontenac and other fun sites.

During Carnaval, there are ice and snow sculpture contests. Here are a few pics from that.

Here I am attacking Danna...

We all walked around a bit more. I had a cold so I was a big whiner. Here is me drinking "caribou" a traditional drink for the carnaval, which contains brandy, vodka, sherry and port.

We went to Karine's friend Ariane's place for warm wine and nachos. So tasty. Afterwards, we went to a parade but we didn't stay too long as it was freezing out. We went for dinner in a pub in Vieux Quebec.

I love Quebec City; it's so pretty. I think we are going to have to go back when it is nice out.

" I love you oh so well, like a kid loves candy and fresh snow. I love you oh so well, enough to fill up heaven, overflow and fill hell." -DMB

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