Sunday, December 30, 2007

The highlights of 2007...part 3...

With two days left of 2007, I may actually finish this post. Go me! Actually, I am going to be honest; I won't completely finish as I am going to do a separate New York post. There is too much goodness in New York to not give it its own post.

After Toronto, Jeff and I finished the drive back to Montreal. We settled back in the apartment. This was much less stressful than it was last year because all we had do to was move in; we didn't have to stress out and find furniture and sort out our lives.

A few weeks after we got back, Jeff's parents came for a visit. It was nice to see them and we got to show them around Montreal.




For Thanksgiving long weekend, Jeff and I went to New York with our friends Tracy and Chris. I am going to make a full post about this so here is a teaser; Jeff mugging me in Central Park:


We went to Tracy and Chris's place in Ottawa for Halloween. It was a good time; they are a lot of fun to hang out with. We also went to their place in March. They are good people to visit. We also went to a burger restaurant that has dozens and dozens of different types of burgers. They were tasty and I had a burger with Macaroni and Cheese on it. You know I loved it :)

Jeff is a hippie!

My weak 70s outfit

I am a hussy!

Rachel in authentic 70s gear

Tracy and Chris are discotastic!

Tracy and Chris in their 70s gear

After Halloween, we had a two weeks off from visitors and places to go. I had a conference in Vancouver, so flew to BC for five days. The conference was fantastic and I got to visit with Lise, Erik and Cole again. We even go to go to the CFL Western Finals - Lions against Roughriders. As you all know, SK won :P

At the end of November, my parents came for a visit and I went to Quebec City with them. It was nice to be able to show them around Quebec and Montreal.

After my parents left, I finished up the last two weeks of my semester. It was a chaotic, busy two weeks but I managed to finish my semester without a major break down. I am 3/4 of the way through! I am still really enjoying it and can't wait to do it for a living.

Jeff and I, as most of you know, came back to Saskatoon for Christmas. It is a fabulous three week holiday that I really needed.

2007 was a good time and a great year. I hope that your 2007 was awesome and that your 2008 is better.

"Don't beat your head, dry your eyes,let the love in here. There are bad times, but that's ok, just look for love in it. Don't burn the day, away." - DMB

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The highlights of 2007...part 2...

So the first half of the year was eventful. I had a great time on both coasts. After my stint in BC, I came back to Saskatoon for a week and went up to Waskesiu for two months to work my ninth year for Parks Canada. Once upon a time I was the youngest person in a kiosk, now...not so much. The lake was good and I hung out with some fabulous friends.

We had a busy summer of weddings. Yay to the newlyweds: Steve and Nicole, Chris and Crystal and Dale and April!

just married

The first dance


After 8 weeks at the lake, Jeff and I began our trek back to Montreal. Unlike our last trip through American customs, Jeff managed not to piss off the custom's agent. We made a short stop in Niagra Falls. You only need to make a brief stop here; the falls are nice but this is the most touristy place in Canada.

The American Falls:
The American Falls

The Canadian Falls!:
The Canadian Niagara Falls


Jeff and I went on a boat ride near the falls. It was wet.

Jeff looks wet.


After Niagra, we went to Toronto and visited with our friends Chris and Kaeleigh. We had a great time with them but unfortunately, we have no pictures to actually prove that we were with them. Here are some of the highlights of our trip to Toronto (which should have also had its own blog post but you know how good I am at that).

Casa Loma:

So pretty.

My man in shining armour

Royal Ontario Museum:



I am scared of a jaguar:


Jeff is scared of an aardvark:


I am a crustacean!


CN Tower:

I am a tower!

Jeff sitting on the glass floor. I think I hyperventilated:


Me standing on the glass floor. I think I had a panic attack:

I'm not scared...

We went to the Toronto Zoo with the Colin and Shannon Bendell and their kids. I love the zoo!

I seem to be missing a key zoo accessory

Rachel the elephant!

I'm the king of the castle...

I think I am going to stop this post here. Turns out we did a lot of things in the last year. By the end of 2007, I will finish part 3!

"But now I am the proudest monkey you've ever seen. Monkey see, monkey do." - DMB

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The highlights of 2007...part 1...

Look at me update my blog! Go Rachel! Yes, it has been awhile but I had a chaotic semester. Let me give you some of the highlights of my year. Some of the things on this list may actually get their own blog post, but I figure this is the best that I can do right now.

January 2007 started with me going back to Montreal after Christmas. 2nd semester began again and I immersed myself in my schooling. I did find some time to do some fun things: Carnaval d'hiver, snow tubing, and go to Cabane a sucre.

Rachel and the castle

All 5 of us at the



Syrup everywhere

Rachel enjoying a donut

In April, Michelle came to Montreal for a visit. We had a fabulous time and we spent Easter weekend in Boston. It is pretty awesome that we live in a city where the closest fun big cities aren't Calgary and Edmonton, but are Boston and New York.

Trying to jump at the same time

They didn't know our names

Around the same time that Michelle was in Montreal, some of Jeff's friends were in town for a visit. Sean, Andrews and Sean/Stubbs all made their appearance in Montreal.

Brazil underwear

Everyone in old Montreal

At the end of April, we drove back to Saskatchewan. I am stealing this quote from my friend Shannon's blog. She stole it from the author Yan Martel. This is how I felt when we drove back to the prairies after a year out East:

“If you’ve never been, the south of Saskatchewan is so flat the horizon is perceptibly round. Above you, during the day, lords an immense dome of sky so empty it feels like a fullness, with clouds the size of mountains, the sun but a small disk, and a depth of colour that is often chalk blue, oh so chalk blue. At night this reassuring curtain of blue is pulled away and you realize where you really are: at infinity’s doorstep. A plain is what a mountain aims to be: the closest you can come to being in outer space while yet having your feet on this planet.

The language of the plain is the wind. It carries sweetness and fragrance, the wealth of the earth. It is a soothsayer, herald of storm and change of season. And the wind speaks. When you walk in a plain, gusts of words blow through your head, words that have travelled over the surface of the planet. “
- Yann Martel, Self

It was so nice to come home. I do love the prairies.

After I got home, I took a plane to Victoria, where I spent a month working in the Victoria General Hospital. This is a beautiful city and I had a great time there working and spending time with family. Lise and Erik came up from Vancouver and spent the May long weekend with me. We went to Saltspring Island, which was also quite cute.

Webster family

Bear hug!

Entrance to Butchart Gardens

Thetis Lake

After my month in Victoria, I went to Vancouver to visit with Lise, Erik and Cole for a week. I also got to visit with some friends that I met in Australia back in 2001. It is always awesome to see old friends.

Dessert in the park

Good friends.

Such good friends.

That was the first half of my 2007. There were many events that warranted their own blog post (me going to visit my friends in Vancouver) but, as I proved with my honeymoon post, I am not awesome at staying up to date. The remainder of 2007 will follow soon...

"Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain. We're climbing two by two, to be sure these days continue" - DMB

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