Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I hug other men…

I will be writing a long blog post soon about my whole trip to New York City with our friends Tracy and Chris, but I feel as if I should just put this story out there.

I am a loser.

Let me set the scene: I am in the New York Natural History Museum. It is pretty cool and I am enjoying myself. We are in an exhibit for mythical creatures. Jeff wanders away to look at something while I am reading an information board about unicorns. I believe that Jeff walks back to me. Without looking at who is standing next to me, I go to put my arms around the guy.

It is not Jeff.

Tracy watched the whole thing go down and she was wondering what the hell I was doing. Imagine how the poor guy felt. A random girl tries to molest him while he is enjoying an exhibit about mermaids and dragons. Jeff comes up and asks what I am doing. They aren’t even wearing similar clothes. They didn’t look alike. They both make fun of me though, and deservedly.

Do you think I will learn from this? Doubtful. Sadly, this is not the first time I have hugged a random stranger by mistake. I am a distinct memory of hugging a stranger, again, while on vacation, thinking that she was my mother. Ten years down the line I may accidentally hug some random child thinking that they are my own. I don’t think I will learn from this mistake.

Oh stay right here, so I can catch your smile, it's good. Stranger in a crowded room, what did you say? Oh baby”-DMB

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