Thursday, July 13, 2006


I have lived my whole life in Saskatchewan and my family has lived here for almost 100 years and yet, I had never been on a real farm. Unheard of, I know. How can you live in Saskatchewan and never have been to a farm. This all changed though. Now that I am a Vanneste, I had the opportunity to visit the Vanneste farm; the very one that my father-in-law grew up on. This was an exciting and confusing time for me. I will document the experience in picture form...

Since I am now a Vanneste, I am taking part ownership of the farm. It has my name on it.


Here is a 3 day old cow. So cute. While out there looking at the cows, I saw one female cow mount another female cow. That was confusion #1. Since when are cows lesbians? They laughed at my confusion. My final conclusion is that the one was trying to dominate the other. If I were a cow, that is the way I would go about it.


Here is a beautiful wild tiger lily. If this doesn't scream Saskatchewan, I really don't know what does. Well, I guess someone actually screaming "Saskatchewan" might scream Saskatchewan more, but I digress...


Here is confusion picture #2. This is more of a nerd confusion though. Here I am amidst a field of Brassica. But what type of Brassica, I have no idea. Is it canola? Is it mustard? How is a city girl suppose to know???



Apparently the prairies are a violent place. I want to know what this sign did to deserve such a horrible fate. I call this one "Yield to my bullets, bitch".


Jeff tried for three days to get a picture of this bird. He knew he would be less of a man if he was unable to capture its soul with his camera. Congrats to my husband, the manly man.


This may be the most confusing thing of all. Here is a cows tail. That's right. Just hanging out. I think that the dog chews on it every now and then. Note the two vertebrae that are still attached to said tail. I like to think that it is for good luck. Why good luck you ask? Well...what else could it really be for?


I will end this with three women walking into the sunset. So serene, so perfect. We are the people of this land!!!


All in all, I had a good time on the farm. Man, they feed you a lot on a farm! I was like a cattle that they were trying to fatten up...and I loved it. Three cheers for Langenburg!!!


" What I want is what I've not got, but what I need is all around me" - DMB

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you could use this for tourism saskatchewan! nice work wifey.
My Mom's family is from Saltcoats. Mr. Vanneste will know what that means and maybe we're distantly related ? Maybe not, but our families might know each other.
That made me laugh sooo hard. Lesbian cows and yield sign! I also grew up in Saskatchewan and am not a farm girl but I appreciate your take on the farm.
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