Friday, August 18, 2006

Oh Ontario...

Have you missed me yet? We are on day three of four of travelling across four provinces and we have experienced so much so far.
What can I tell you that you can't all ready find out from Jeff's blog? I will do my best to entertain.

- Manitoba is kind of boring
- Ontario is so much prettier than I ever expected. Take a look at Lake Superior:

- Ontario is also very big. Who knew?

This sounds really ignorant...but I wasn't expecting so much forest and so many lakes. I know, this sounds like something someone would say in regards to Saskatchewan. There are so many lakes that it seems that they ran out of good names and just started to randomly assigning words for the bodies of water. Some of my favourites are Baby Lake, Mom Lake and Dog Tooth Lake. The body of water depicted here is Batchawana Bay.

But so far, the best thing I have seen so far lasted only two seconds but is burned in my memory forever. A 45 year old female Harley rider, bikini top on, an unbuttoned men's white dress shirt flapping in the wind behind her and short, short cut-offs. But the best thing about her was mom belly flapping in the wind as well. I am not joking. She thought she was hot, and she may have been attractive had her stomach not been flapping in the winds generated by her going 100 km/hr down the Trans Canada Highway. Ride on mom, ride on.

"I shall miss this thing when it all rolls by" – DMB

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Glad to hear you made it this far. Everything is better after Ontario. The drive to Halifax is pretty too.
We do miss you rachel, take care and have fun on your honeymoon
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