Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The honeymoon part I...

I figure that I should start posting the adventures of the honeymoon. In brief, it was 4000 km of driving and a lot of good times. If you want to see an abbreviated (and biased) version, go read Jeff's blog.

I just also mention (to those of you who don't know) that has been a hobby of mine for well over ten years to take ridiculous photos of me with statues or anything that looks like it has been placed in my path for a golden picture opportunity. Now and again I could coerce Jeff into posing as well.

Day 1 - Montreal to St John, NB

This was a long driving day. We drove for about nine hours and really only made one stop during the day. We stopped at Grand-Falls, NB. We looked at their waterfalls and took a boat trip of the gorge.

Rachel biking at the gorge:

Pics of the gorge:

One of our favourite things to do was to put the camera on timer and rush into the photo. We have a clever camera so we can set it to take 10 pictures after the timer goes off so we have at least one good one together. All the photos you will see with the two of us are thanks to the timer.

We spent the night in St John, NB. Before bed, though, we had to have some fun at their "fort".

Over all, the first day was good. We saw a moose, which I refused to pull over and photograph because I didn't want to be responsible for starting a wildlife jam.

To be continued...


I drink you up, for every drop of you is sacred. Every drop I drink you up - DMB

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hahaha yay to ridiculous pictures. and yay to jeff finally figuring out 1 way of getting you to do things.
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