Thursday, September 07, 2006

The honeymoon, part II....

Day 2 - St John, NB to Tidnish, NS

We spent the morning touring around St John. We went to a market, and a National Historic Site.

I am a moose:

I even got Jeff to play:

This was taken at the National Historic Site. We were given a great tour of the place but I still managed to find the time to be inapporpriate.

We arrived in Tidnish, which is this small area just inside Nova Scotia. My father's Aunt Shelley lives there in the summer and since I haven't seen her since I was 2 weeks old, we decided to pay her a visit. Her nephew and his wife, Ian and Marj lived next door. Everyone was so nice, helpful and hospitable. We spent the next two nights there. The first night we had an amazing lobster dinner. Aunt Shelley's sister was also there and she was the funniest person over 90 that I have ever met. Jeff said that he would have married her (not joking, he said that).

Look at Jeff loving Lil (the woman beside him).

A sunset at Tidnish

Ah, good times.


"Long Before these crowded streets, here stood my dreaming tree. Below it I would sit, for hours at a time. Now progress takes away from what forever took to find." - DMB

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