Friday, September 22, 2006

My husband, the spoiler...

So as many of you may have read on Jeff's blog, I received some exciting news this week. It is even more exciting than Jeff let on. It looks like the Saskatchewan health region and the Saskatoon Health District are going to give me a bursary. Yay!

The exact words of the email were as follows:

... your total bursary will likely be in the range of $6,500 per year for two years.

I am very excited. Even just being in the range of 6500$ a year makes me happy. All I have to do is sign a contract saying that, if there is a job available, I will work in Saskatchewan for three years. This was our plan any ways and I am very excited that this has worked out. I hope that after the government has paid my tuition that they will want to have me work, otherwise I got free money.

It would have been nice to be the one to tell you, but apparently Jeff is even more excited that I am not driving him further in debt. Yay Saskatchewan!

"Look at me in my fancy car and my bank account" - DMB

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whee! do you feel like awarding me a travel bursary around the cost a ticket to visit you? :P
Yay, so proud! Congrats!!!
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