Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thanks Heather, for the waste of time...

There are about a dozen things I could blog about. I could finish our honeymoon. I could tell you about school. I could tell you about Ottawa. But right now, I am going to give you a random list post. Thanks to my friend Heather, who was tagged to do this on her blog, I am doing this on my own accord. I am listing my favourite 20 TV characters.

Why, you ask, would I do this? Because I was doing homework, and I decided to make a list. I watch quite a bit of TV, so I have a lot of love for a lot of characters. So here you go. My list of favourite characters, in no particular order. Some are from way-back and there may be some that I have forgotten.

1. Sydney Bristow, Alias
2. Michael Vaugn, Alias
3. Jack Bristow, Alias
4. Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars
5. Keith Mars, Veronica Mars
6. Xander Harris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
7. Pacey Whitter, Dawson's Creek
8. Joey Potter, Dawson's Creek
9. George, Dead Like Me
10. Mason, Dead Like Me
11. Greg, CSI
12. Grisam, CSI
13. Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City
14. Miranda Hobbes, Sex and the City
15. Gregory House, House
16. JD, Scrubs
17. Dr Cox, Scrubs
18. Brandon Walsh, Beverly Hills, 90210
19. Jim Halpert, The Office
20. Joey Jeremiah, Degrassi Junior High/Degrassi High

Some honorable mentions that I would feel bad leaving out:

21. Rudolph, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
22. Jessica Fletcher, Murder, She Wrote
23. Randy Taylor, Home improvement
24. Dude in glasses who put out the fire, Are you afraid of the dark?

There you go. A giant waste of time and done for no reason, other than the fact that I felt like it.

"Rest high above the clouds; no restriction. Television we bounce 'round the world. And while I spend these hours, five senses reeling, I laugh about the weatherman's satellite eyes" - DMB


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