Saturday, September 02, 2006

U of S for the win...

We have returned from our honeymoon and over time I will delight you with how are 11 day trip went. You will laugh, you will cry, you will get tired of seeing Rachel pose with every random statue. But that is later.

Yesterday was a hectic day, one I feel I must share. We are trying to get settled into our new place. We have yet to get the parking spot we were promised (starting yesterday) so we have to move our car every week day because every street has different rules. "No parking Monday, Thursday" and on the other side of the street "No parking Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday". Good times.

We went and bought furniture. What a hassle for stuff that is "ok". We went to Leon's to buy some stuff, found out that we wouldn't get our bed, couch and loveseat for two weeks and said "no thanks". We then went to Sears...nothing. We went to the Brick where we were going to buy stuff until it was 300$ more. We had gone to Ikea and ix-nayed all that stuff. So back to Leons where we bought what we had originally intended. Way to waste 2.5 hours.

Speaking of Ikea...that place makes me claustrophobic. People are everywhere, kids are everywhere...I start going crazy, getting frantic and try to get around everyone maniacally. I am not going there again unless I have a purpose.

After the furniture incident, we get on the metro and head to McGill. It is orientation week and I wasn't invited! Well, I may have been, but I didn't read the memo. There are drunk 18-21 years olds all over the place. They look so little and cute. We actually had a really successful time at McGill. After 45 minutes of waiting, I got a student card. I also got a metro card so that I can get cheap metro. We also walked to the gym.

Now you may have been wondering why the title is what it is. Jeff said it while at the gym, and here is why. They have a nice gym...but U of S's is nicer. I have to pay 50$ a year to access the gym and U of S is free. I had to pay 25$ for a locker in S'toon but 50$ for a basket ( you know, the kind in high school) at McGill. Jeff is grumpy because he must pay more to use the squash courts AND pay to get there. Hence, U of S for the win.

Despite yesterday, I am looking forward to our life in Montreal. I hope to be settled within the month and have a good routine. Jeff is looking forward to going home, but I don't take it personally...this is not in his comfort zone.


"If along the way you are growing weary, you can rest with me until a brighter day"- DMB

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