Thursday, October 05, 2006

Giving thanks to sarcasm...

Ah, thanksgiving. A chance to devour turkey (or, in our case, chicken) and have an extra day off from school/work. It is also a time to give thanks and today I want to give that thanks. The following is the back story.

I had a massage appointment today at 10:30. I have problems with my neck and shoulder muscles, so I am really looking forward to this appointment. I left my house an hour prior to the appointment. Now, getting to the Sports Medicine Clinic from my house can take me any where from half an hour to a full hour, it just depends on the connections that I make or miss. Today was starting off to be a good day. I got the metro as soon as I got there and my connection pulled up as soon as my previous train stopped. At my stop, I get out to transfer to the bus. I arrive two minutes before it is suppose to and I am quite proud of myself. Yay for being able to commute!

But then, we wait and we wait and soon there are thirty people at this bus stop waiting for a bus that will never arrive. I am getting nervous because I don't want to miss the appointment because they still charge you and my previous appointment was cancelled and I really needed a good back beating. In the mean time, I am sharing sarcastic remarks with the couple next to me. We bonded over sarcasm. They decide to catch a cab and their destination is the building beside the Sports Med building. They take me along for the ride.

Ah, sweet Brad and random girl at the bus stop. It is because of you that I am sitting here feeling looser (looser muscles :P) than I have felt in months. Thank you for taking me along and not even taking my money because you had once been students too.

I would also like to thank sarcasm, for whom without, I would not have bonded with strangers at a bus stop.

Three cheers for friendly strangers who share my sense of humour!!!

"Sometimes I walk there, yes, God knows, Sometimes, I take a bus there" - DMB

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yay! good luck with the chicken.
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