Saturday, November 11, 2006

I hate Corollas...

I started this blog to tell my friends about all the crazy good times that I was going to have in Montreal. It appears, though, that I often have just crazy times.

Today I was hit by a car.

Before you worry, I am okay. I am going to be sporting a wicked bruise on my hip in the next couple of days. I was crossing a street, on a green light (although the walking dude was not currently lit), when all of a sudden I hear slamming on the breaks and pain. I am shocked. A car has hit me. I am pretty lucky since only the mirror clipped me and I think the tire crazed my leg. 1 second later, both Jeff and I would have been full out hit. Awesome.

When I have adrenaline in my system, I am not logical. I think worse case scenario right away. I thought my spine was going to be hurt. All rationality disappears with that hormone going through my veins. I am going to give it tonight and if I am hurting more tomorrow, I will go to a clinic, but I think I am going to be fine. Yay for large birthing hips that can take a hit for me so I can keep on going.

The man felt really bad. We took his name and number in case we needed it and he wants me to call him back when I know that for sure I am ok. It was an accident and I have a feeling he will pay a lot more attention in the future.

My hip hurts. When the bruises come out, if they look cool, I will post them for you.

Oh my God, wait and see, what will soon become of me? Frozen heart, screaming wheels. Does that screaming come from me? - DMB

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Oh my goodness ! I'm glad you're okay. Montreal needs to start showing you some serious love.
Glad you are ok Rach. I can't even think about what would be going through my mind while getting hit by a car. You have had some wild times. I hope things settle down for you soon.
Glad you're ok...I would also like to see the bruises...but only because you're ok!
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