Thursday, January 04, 2007

Only in Saskatchewan...

Well, I am back in Montreal after a fabulous 20 day break in SK. I had a great time visiting all my friends and family. But, as how most holidays go, I didn't get a lot of relaxing time as I was running from one date to another. It was worth it though...I love my friends.

My family had a crazy visitor while I was there and I also managed to scare him away. We had a prairie chicken or pheasant living in our yard. For awhile all we would see were his prints, but, one day we saw a chicken walking around our yard. Really...where else are you going to find a chicken living in your yard. My sister named him Pecker (don't ask). The next day, I saw him in our backyard so I went out to take a picture. As I am about to take it, he flies away. He flies to the next street over, Preston Ave, and I never saw him again. I feel bad for scaring him away from his home full of good food. I hope that Pecker is okay and enjoying his time on Preston. Kelsey and I miss him.

Besides that, not too much occurred over the holidays. I had a good time in North Battleford visiting Jeff's family. I think all I did was eat and spend money over the holidays.

So good times had by me...until I arrived home to my apartment and found a dead mouse in a trap in the kitchen. I hate mice. Soon you will have an entire post dedicated to the mouse saga. I had hoped that it would be over by now, but sadly, it is not.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2007!

"A bird in hand is much better than, Any number free to wander. Fly away...stay" -DMB


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