Saturday, March 03, 2007

No really, I am a Master's student....

Normally, I am a clever girl. But sometimes I do something so dumb that I wonder how I make it through each day without being seriously maimed. It's not that I am doing something stupid, I am just not thinking before doing some stuff.

This morning I was going to make myself some coffee. This is a simple three step procedure. Water, Coffee, Power. Easy. I pour the water into the water slot - step on complete. Pour coffee grinds into the water slot...wait...failure. I screwed up step two. Damn, coffee goes in the filter. Great. I don't really think it is good for the coffee maker for coffee to be made in the boiling water spot. so I take the coffee make apart and try to clean all the coffee grinds from the water slot. I rinse it out with 12 cups of water ~4 times before I am satisfied that it is clean. In the process of doing that, I spill water all over the kitchen counter and floor.

I just wanted coffee. I should have walked to Tim's. What should have been an easy thing turned into a huge affair which caused me to get water all over the kitchen.

This occurred before noon. God knows what else I will manage to do before bed tonight.

I did, in the end, manage to make coffee. Go me.

Spoon in spoon, stirring my coffee, I thought of you and turned to the gate. On my way came up with the answers, I scratched my head
and the answers were gone

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