Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One year down...

Can you believe it? I am (mostly) done the first year of my Masters. I say mostly because I have a four week rotation in Victoria, BC to do, as well as I have to write a project proposal that is due at the end of May. But since Jeff and I are back in Saskatoon after a two day 3000 km drive through Canada and the US, I feel that I am pretty much done first year.

Our drive was (mostly) uneventful. Again, I say mostly because we only ran into one road bump. I am never letting my husband speak to customs agents again. Jeff, whom we all know and love, is a bit of a smart-ass. I love this quality in him (yay sarcasm) but he doesn't even realize he is doing it...his smart-assness is so innate to his nature. We pull up to US customs. The guy is friendly, we're doing good. He asks us about alcohol, cigarettes,, no, no. He asks us about beef. Believe it or not, we have beef. Jeff says "we have sandwich meat". Customs dude replies "Beef?" ...Jeff says in his sarcastic, I think you are dumber than me, voice "It would be beef". Customs dude than goes crazy...he is no longer friendly...yells at Jeff not to be a smart ass and indicates that a simple yes or no would have sufficed. We have to pull over to the side and he radios the other agents that we have beef and that the driver is a smart ass. Great...thanks Jeff. It only takes about five minutes, but I am never letting him drive into the states again.

Aside from that event on day one, it was smooth sailing. We arrived around 11:30pm on Sunday night. I honestly don't understand why people don't love driving through the prairies. Sure it is flat...but c'mon! I can see what is coming, I don't have to do much in the way of turning the wheel, and I can watch the Northern Lights dance at my arrival to SK. I missed driving the prairies :).

Since I arrived home, I joined Facebook. Big mistake. I didn't need a new Internet addiction, but lucky for me, I got one.

"Drive in, drive out, I'm leaving. Drive in, drive out, I'll come back again" - DMB

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