Saturday, May 26, 2007

Honeymoon - Day V, VI and VII...

I can hear the four of you who regularly read my blog say "Seriously? Seriously? Are you actually going to continue talking about your honeymoon? Its been over nine months since you went and if you haven't gotten through it now, give up". I reply to you "NO!" It may take me a year, but I will finish writing about the honeymoon. It has been long enough since you may have read Jeff's condensed version of the trip, so I feel that it may feel new to you.

So, day five, six and seven were spent in Halifax. We drove from Cape Breton National Park, through the city of Sydney and help move Sean to Halifax where he got a new job. We went to the Keg that night. I don't remember much except for that they didn't have Keg sauce. What?! Grocery stores carry Keg sauce and yet, the Keg doesn't have Keg sauce. Broken.

On day 6, we played tourist. We went to the Halifax Citadel. Blah blah blah, history, blah blah blah, war, blah blah blah. The citadel did stuff and now it is a Canadian National Historic Site.


You may want to mock these guys for having to wear these outfits, but I am guessing they are getting paid quite a bit of money to look the way they do. Yay government jobs!

After the Citadel, we walked around and did more tourist stuff. We went and looked at some of the graves of the Titanic victims - morbid, I know. However, at the graveyard, they used the grave stones and made a pattern of the Titanic's hull.


I think that this child is no longer unknown - thanks to the power of DNA testing.
Afterwards we went to the Halifax Public Gardens. If I remember correctly, it is the oldest public gardens in Canada. I could be wrong

This night, as well as the following night, we stayed at the Prince George Hotel. I wanted at least part of our honeymoon to be romantic so this was the romantic thing that we did. We had the "Romance Package" and it was pretty awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed our stay there and wish that we could afford to stay in nice places all the time.

On day 7, we went to Peggy's Cove. It is outside of Halifax and is a cute place to visit. It is one of the most photographed places in Canada (or when you see pictures of Canada, this is often among them). Here are some of the photos that we took. Good times.


Crushing the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, NS



Can you believe it! Three more days of the honeymoon finished. I may be through it all before August.
"Oh, Great Light of Love" - DMB

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I'm glad you're still posting about your honeymoon. You always make me laugh. :)
I especially enjoy the light house pictures! Nice work!
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