Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Victoria day in Victoria...

So, as many of you know, I spent four weeks in Victoria doing an external rotation for my Masters degree. I spent four weeks at the Victoria General Hospital and the time went by pretty fast. I lived with family while I was there and got to visit a whole bunch of extended relatives. I also got to visit with Lise and Erik who came up from Vancouver. Here is a summary (in pictures) of my time in Victoria.


Webster family
I got to stay with my cousin-once-removed and her family. It was good times. They took care of me, fed me and toured me around a lot. I also have a some great-aunts and uncles that I rarely get to see. It was nice spending time with everyone.


Erik and Lise came up and spent the Victoria day long weekend with me (Victoria day in Victoria!). We toured around downtown Victoria and the inner harbour. We also went to the Craigdocch castle. Good times being tourists.

We are mooses!

True love

Craigdarroch Castle

I think it is a salamander

Japanese Gardens

Erik and the donkey

Lise on Mount Douglas

We also went to Salt Spring Island. It is a Gulf Island and their claim to fame is having all these studios that sell food and goods that are made on the island. We had a good time touring around the island and I spent some money that I didn't have. I bought some fabulous blackberry port which tasted like blackberry pie...with a kick. Fantastic!

An even prettier view!

A winery

A cool stump

In honour of Jeffrey...

I did get to see quite a bit of Victoria and the surrounding area. It is a beautiful city and I wouldn't mind living there if I could afford the ridiculous cost of living. Here are just a few more pictures of the fabulous city.

Parliament at night.

Shawnigan Lake

Eagle Lake

Thetis Lake

This is a slug. Seriously. I had no idea that slugs could get that big. My mind was blown.

A giant slug!!

Victoria was great. Soon I will right about Vancouver. And when I say soon, I mean in six months :P

""Whatcha got, whatcha got in your hand" the father said to son. "I got the whole world here daddy, ’tween my fingers and my thumb. Will you take care of it please, it's the only one.
It'd take me a lifetime old man, to undo whatcha done ""

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