Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The highlights of 2007...part 2...

So the first half of the year was eventful. I had a great time on both coasts. After my stint in BC, I came back to Saskatoon for a week and went up to Waskesiu for two months to work my ninth year for Parks Canada. Once upon a time I was the youngest person in a kiosk, now...not so much. The lake was good and I hung out with some fabulous friends.

We had a busy summer of weddings. Yay to the newlyweds: Steve and Nicole, Chris and Crystal and Dale and April!

just married

The first dance


After 8 weeks at the lake, Jeff and I began our trek back to Montreal. Unlike our last trip through American customs, Jeff managed not to piss off the custom's agent. We made a short stop in Niagra Falls. You only need to make a brief stop here; the falls are nice but this is the most touristy place in Canada.

The American Falls:
The American Falls

The Canadian Falls!:
The Canadian Niagara Falls


Jeff and I went on a boat ride near the falls. It was wet.

Jeff looks wet.


After Niagra, we went to Toronto and visited with our friends Chris and Kaeleigh. We had a great time with them but unfortunately, we have no pictures to actually prove that we were with them. Here are some of the highlights of our trip to Toronto (which should have also had its own blog post but you know how good I am at that).

Casa Loma:

So pretty.

My man in shining armour

Royal Ontario Museum:



I am scared of a jaguar:


Jeff is scared of an aardvark:


I am a crustacean!


CN Tower:

I am a tower!

Jeff sitting on the glass floor. I think I hyperventilated:


Me standing on the glass floor. I think I had a panic attack:

I'm not scared...

We went to the Toronto Zoo with the Colin and Shannon Bendell and their kids. I love the zoo!

I seem to be missing a key zoo accessory

Rachel the elephant!

I'm the king of the castle...

I think I am going to stop this post here. Turns out we did a lot of things in the last year. By the end of 2007, I will finish part 3!

"But now I am the proudest monkey you've ever seen. Monkey see, monkey do." - DMB

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