Sunday, January 20, 2008

Won't you be my neighbor...

Oh Mr Rogers...Although you were slightly creepy in your pastel cardigans and your shoe tying, you taught us some valuable lessons. I think some of my neighbors must have watched your show.

Oh, our neighbors. We have some good neighbors and we have some not so good neighbors. Our not so good neighbors include the people who live above us and either do weights or move furniture at 12:30 am almost every night. There are the neighbors down the hall whose dog barks constantly. Jeff loves working from home :P . We also had a neighbor who would play the same piano song every night, and every night she would screw the song up and bang on the keys.

We also have fabulous neighbors. The people below us are great people. They are the janitors of the building and are the people we have to go to pay rent and they are the relay person between us and the landlord. They are a great family and seem to really like Jeff and I. They look after our place when we are away. Last Christmas, as soon as they heard people walking around above them, they came to make sure it was me and not a shady character.

They know that I am here alone for two months and that Jeff isn't coming back until March. I think they feel badly for me as they keep bringing me food. Last week, they brought me two pieces of lasagna and an interesting roll thing. Today, they brought me a full dinner with salad, spring rolls and shepherd's pie. They even brought me the bottle of salad dressing to use! It is like they know that Jeff does most of the housework and they think I may starve.

I really like these neighbors. I don't think anyone else in the building gets food deliveries. There is, however, one thing that is a notch against them...

...karaoke. They play karaoke party and get stuck on one song and sing it over and over, really loudly. Chelle can contest to this as they got in the summer when she was living here. They were stuck on "all by myself" for quite awhile. As I write this, they are playing. I don't mind it; I think it is kind of funny. Jeff is not as easy going about the karaoke. It is actually funny to watch Jeff get worked into a frenzy when they are karaokeing.

I am thankful that there are still good neighbors out there. I thought the days of knowing your neighbor were over, but maybe not. The fact that they are down there when I am up here alone is comforting.

"Too good to be real, smell of something cooking!" - DMB

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It must be special love they reserve for you - they didn't particularily love me this summer...
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