Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One week down...

I have officially worked for six whole days and so far so good. It is strange to think that I am now officially in my "work until I can retire" phase of life. Let the 35 year count-down begin!

I will be honest - on that first day, the French kind of broke my brain. I had just gotten home from SK and was all of a sudden immersed in the French health care system. But it has gotten easier in the last week, so I imagine it can only get easier still.

I am working in a very busy prenatal clinic. As a student, the most patients I saw in any given week was 8. However, in this clinic, I will be seeing around 18 per week. It is a huge increase in the case load, but I am looking forward to the challenge. I work with really great people who understand that I am a fresh graduate and are allowing me to pick up the load slowly, however, the other two counsellors go on holidays in mid-June and I have to be able to take the reigns.

And so far, Jeff and I are coping well with the distance. I think it helps that I was home for three weeks before I started work. He'll be here for two weeks in June, as well. Awesome.

So that is my brief update from my first week. I worked so hard in the last week that I feel I need a 1.5 week vacation. I am headed to Barcelona, Spain for a conference - should be great and I get to present a poster. I will tell you how that trip goes when I get back.

I also want to thank everyone who have dropped me a line with a kins message in the past few weeks - I have fabulous friends and you have been such great support. I truly appreciate it.

" Sing and dance i play for you tonight, the thrill of it all. Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes but i work it out." - DMB

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